Boone Community Theatre

Calling all directors!

The Boone Community Theatre Production Planning Committee has started its yearly task of constructing a season. During our 2021-2022 season we are able to present a full roster of shows and even successfully presented a show on our own stage at 705 Story Street.

Therefore, we are in search of directors for the upcoming season. Boone Community Theatre is always thrilled to welcome new talent to our stage – be that actors, directors, costumers, or musicians. If you have a show that you have always wanted to direct, maybe this year will be that year. Our shows typically take place in September, December, February with a final spring show in April.

You need to put together a prospectus of your show – cast size, technical needs and what you want to accomplish. We normally consider one comedy, one drama, one musical, and a children’s theatre/family production. But don't be afraid to suggest something if it doesn't fall in those categories. Surprise us! Thrill us! Challenge us! Put together your prospectus and submit it to us by March 11th.

Send your prospectus by email at or by mail at P.O. Box 25, Boone, Iowa 50036. Email or call at 515-303-0393 with any questions.

Here is the guide we use to produce our shows.

Susan Herrick, Chair
Production Planning Committee